World of Possibility

by Arlon Bennett

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What can I say about the World of Possibility? It orbits the sun of your imagination and proves that all things are indeed possible. Album downloads come FREE with ADVANCE COPY CD purchase!


released January 19, 2013

Music & Lyrics by Arlon Bennett.
Produced by John Sonntag.
Mixed by Bob Harris at Ampersand Records USA
A Little Faith written by Arlon Bennett (BMI) & Neal Stephens (ASCAP)


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Arlon Bennett New York

Arlon Bennett; Daddy, Eagle Scout, baseball connoisseur, and all-around Renaissance guy with Tuscan roots, is an Americana songsmith writing songs that recall Harry Chapin and vintage James Taylor, but with an eloquence and honesty all his own. A home-made guitarist with a self-effacing style, he has a gift of storytelling from the heart that reveals the gold nuggets in the river of everyday life. ... more

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Track Name: World of Possibility
World of Possibility
Arlon Bennett

If you can walk You can dance
If you can talk you can sing
If you rock you can roll
Yeah you can do almost anything (anything anything)
If you can think you can dream
dream you can fly
fly you can seek
seek and you will find

the missing piece
to the puzzle of your life
The one that disappeared
Just when things were going right
Close your eyes and you will see
a broken world is
a world of possibility

You've been dealt a cruel hand
by the Master croupier
Don't seem fair
but now you've got to play
so double down
with an angel from above
stand your ground
and soon you will discover___

World of Possibility

If you can walk You can dance
If you can talk you can sing
If you rock you can roll
Yeah you can do almost anything
think you can dream
dream you can fly
fly you can seek
seek and you will find

Track Name: Carry Me

I am here not quite body but full of soul
just on my way to a new life of my own
So I drift upon the waves in a hollow sea
rolling with the tides wherever they carry me…

Carry me, Carry me to a world where I can see
Hold me up unto the light
Carry me, Carry me to a place where I can be
The reflection in your eyes

You are there, your heart gives you away…
taking special care till that all-important day…
When we meet you will know that I am yours…
Just as I will know that you are mine.


Here we are and how the time went by
The days are made of games and lullabies
If I cry I know you’ll understand
I need your hands

Track Name: Nothing Like a Song

I was on the road to Memphis
With a hundred miles to go
Hypnotized by spinnin’ tires
I turned on the radio
Station after station
And nothing but bad news
‘till the King chimed in
singin’ Blue Suede Shoes

There’s nothing like a song
That cuts right to your soul
There’s nothing like a song
To fill an empty hole
In a broken heart
or make you start
to dance or sing along
There’s nothing
Nothing like a song

She was small town pretty
And the flower of the ball
n’ I just had to dance
With the girl who had it all
Closer and closer
Beneath those dimming lights
I couldn’t help but sing
You look wonderful tonght

Nothing like a song

It was no happy Sunday
Saying goodbye to a friend
When the congregation
All together bowed their heads
In the solemn silence
Of that sacred holy place
A hundred voices
All joined in amazing grace

Track Name: Question for Einstein

If I could ride a beam of light across the universe
Imagine how that would be
I’d hit the speed limit never age another minute
by special relativity

That's what Einstein dreamt in a thought experiment
To unlock the secrets of the stars
But I wonder if he ever tried to endeavor
To unlock the secrets__ of the heart

Dr. Einstein, the question I would ask
If you were alive and I was sittin' in your class
Of all the beauty in your mind
And all you know of space and time
What is love?

You would give a grin and scratch your chin
Run your fingers through that hair
growing ever weary thinking of a theory
greater than your mc squared

You knew the power of the sun
But what is that compared to the power shared
when two hearts join as one?


You ran out of time before you could find
The answer to all that is
But I will keep on searchin’ to find the inertia
behind a single kiss

Track Name: Sal

Sal was short for Salvatore he came with little more
than a third grade education from Italian shores
He was part of a generation looking for
a better life a better life

He was the janitor in my elementary school long before
Maintenance Engineers were used
No fool..he was cool
like one of us yes he was

He made the windows shine
And hauled the trash away
Working overtime
every single day
He could do most anything
In the gym he loved to sing Italian Opera
You could see your reflection in the floor
Thanks to Sal, short for Salvatore

A simple man with a simple dream
He spoke broken English, he could not write nor read
How I laughed when he would say “Stay ina school, stay ina school..

‘Cause he never had the chance to go when he was young
He had to work while he was growing up
This was his way to stay in school, stay in school

He made the windows shine
And hauled the trash away
Working overtime
Every single day
He could do most anything
He fixed a broken swing in the playground
You could see your reflection in the floor
Thanks to Sal, short for Salvatore

One thing for sure is that time goes by
I got promoted and went to Junior High
A bigger school that had a crew of guys like Sal
But not like Sal
What’s he doing now?


Finally came the day every school kid dreams about
There I was in my cap and gown
I looked around and after all these years I saw Sal, it was Sal

In his Sunday shoes and best shirt and tie
He wore his tassel on the same side as mine
How he cried and said it’s true you can do what you put your mind to

When you make the windows shine
And haul the trash away
Working overtime
every single day
You can do most anything
He wore a class ring on his finger
You could see your reflection in the floor
Thanks to Sal, Short for Salvatore
Track Name: Everything He Says

Caught up with a friend in conversation
Talkin’ ‘bout his new main squeeze
I thought he skipped his medication
Or caught some strange disease

Everything he says starts with she
Every single word's about this girl of his dreams
Ohh when his tongue gets tied
There’s a reason why
Everything he says (everything he says)
starts with she___

I thought it was just infatuation
Like the rest it wouldn’t last
But I was there at the reception
when he raised his glass___


Then I heard the news
In a little pink bow
in mary jane shoes
how she’s got Daddy’s face
she’s got Mommy’s grace
‘n her deep baby blues____

Track Name: A Little Faith

Lost like a child
In a forest after dark
With only my own hand to hold
Praying for a spark

Every path turned to brush
Every thorn had its day
When a single firefly
Lit up as if to say

Follow me...Follow me...
I will guide you through the trees
Follow me..Follow me
Sometimes a little faith is all you need

I stayed close behind
Like a pied piper’s dream
Past a fallen willow
Up to a running stream

Where by the water’s edge
A moonbeam then appeared
And shimmered on my shoulder
As if to say I’m here


Soon familiar voices
Echoed through the palms
Friends around a campfire
Where I had ventured from

They all gathered ‘round
Askin’ where I’d been
I told them what I found
And offered with a grin

Sometimes a little faith is all you need
Track Name: A Friend in You

You’ve been at my side through the hardest of times
there when I needed you most
The truest of blue and I offer to you
This 'specially heartfelt toast

We have a bond that keeps holding on
Like some kind of cosmic glue
I know as long as forever will last
I have a friend in you

I have a friend in you
you have a friend in me
There’s nothing oh nothing I wouldn’t do for you

We had ourselves a quarrel or two
could have broken our friendship in half
But the magic of us is not giving up
Now we look back and laugh

I think of the times you’re on my mind
And the phone rings right on cue
I know as long as forever will last
I have a friend in you


A friend like you is family too
That is what we’ve become
We’ll never be too far apart
Even when our time comes

We’ll fly in the clouds and frolic about
Like angel friends must do
I know as long as forever will last
I have a friend in you
I have a friend in you
Track Name: The Christmas Tree on Salem Street

There's a Christmas tree on Salem Street
in the window for all to see
Decorated and all lit up
An angel flying high above

There’s something special about
the Christmas tree in a midwest house
Every gift is wrapped
With a name attached
Standin’ proud and tall
For the one who gave his all
People come for miles to see
the Christmas Tree on Salem Street

You can walk by any Summer night
The only house with a tree so bright
Ornaments hung with love so true
Include a pair of baby shoes


In this small country town
You find out if you ask around
Their waitin’ for an only son
Gone MIA________ in seventy-one


There's a Christmas tree on Salem Street
Track Name: I America

I was born
on independence day
July fourth
They signed their lives away
That I might form
a more perfect union

But I’m not perfect
And never claimed to be
My architects
were men who believed
in life, liberty and
pursuit of happiness

I am a father
I am a mother
I am a neighbor
I’m like no other
I am a wise man
I am a newborn child
Oh, I am America!

People came
In any way they could
on iron ships and
dinghy’s made of wood
‘cause they believed
In streets paved with gold

But they learned
By the hammer and the axe
That what is earned
On their broken backs
Is worth more than
I could ever give


I’ve been blessed
By the almighty god
But I can’t rest
From those who want me gone
Every day’s a test
whether I will endure

So I
leave it up to you
To stand and fight
For all that you can lose
And keep light
In the harbour burning bright

Oh, I am America!
Track Name: Even When She Cries

She’s got me right in the palm of her hands
Speaks a language I don’t understand
Doin’ all I can
to get it right

When her eyes stir like the sea
Funny how it occurs to me
She’s beautiful
even when she cries

Even when she cries
The music plays
The dance goes on
In the morning haze
I spend my days
to make her smile

Even when she tries
To say what’s wrong
I just sing her
Favorite song
soon she’s gone
back to her dreams

She’s not too hard to please
Sometimes a bottle is all she needs
Soon she sleeps to a lullaby

But when those clouds roll in
I think to myself again
She’s beautiful
even when she cries


Back to her dreams
Back to her dreams